Jonathan Devadas

Regional Trainer for Southeast Asia

Jonathan has a passion for serving in the area of sustainable growth and disciple-making. He has been part of a global sports ministry movement for 15 years whose main focus is using sports as a tool for disciple-making in various countries and communities globally. He has been trained and certified under ISC (International Sports Coalition) and is a Totalfit instructor and an AFC-C license certified coach.

Being an ex-professional football player for his state, he has always had a passion for working with different organizations and churches, mainly working with children and youth using sports to teach values and life skills to bring change in their lives.

Jonathan has also worked with a health and fitness movement focused on holistic training called Totalfit and has partnered with various organizations in 30 different countries globally training and equipping coaches in whole life coaching. He has a genuine love for people and wants to continue serving with the direction of leaders placed above him and guidance from the Holy spirit.