“How many loaves do you have?” he asked. “Go and see.”
When they found out, they said, “Five—and two fish.”
Mark 6:38

What is Palmful of Maize?

Palmful of Maize is a vision inspired by the Handful of Rice story in Northeast India. The vision finds biblical roots in the story of the feeding of the 5,000. In Mark 6:38, Jesus asks the disciples “What do you have? Go and see.” In that story, a boy has 5 loaves and 2 fish. In Malawi, where GTP rolled out this vision, every child has maize.

Through a curriculum developed in partnership with GenerousChurch and delivered in collaboration with STUM (Sunday School Teachers’ United Movement), Palmful of Maize teaches the children of Malawi to “Give God what you have.” The Palmful of Maize vision aims to grow the church in Malawi by spreading the joy of giving as a reflection of true Christianity.

In Malawi, each child brings a palmful of maize to church and invites their friends to join them. As maize is collected, 80% of it is shared with the poor in each district with district committee oversight. 10% is sold locally and funds the administration of this vision in Malawi. 10% is sold locally and funds the advancement of the vision to other African countries. It’s working!

This vision is growing the church and local giving in Malawi in unimaginable ways. Watch the video. See the first fruits of this vision which is turning dependency into discipleship. Celebrate the stats from less than a year in one of the poorest countries of the world. Consider the questions below for your context. Join the movement. Give God what you have.

Stats for Malawi

from March to November 2022

teachers and volunteers trained in 12 districts


children participating in Palmful of Maize


churches actively engaging participants


kilograms of maize contributed to churches


people receiving compassionate care

What do you feel after watching the video?

Why does giving God what He provides change the mindset from scarcity to generosity?

How can you play a part in turning dependency into discipleship locally and globally?

What if you gave God what you have?

Join the Global Movement

Consider four ways to share the Palmful of Maize vision.

1. Get the Facts – Read the Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Learn more about Malawi, Palmful of Maize, and GTP by downloading and reading the Fact Sheet and FAQs below.

2. Host a Watch Party – Watch the video and facilitate discussions at church or with friends.

Download a kit below to see instructions on how to host a watch party either as an individual host or as a church. It also includes the Fact Sheet and FAQs.

3. Make a gift to GTP – Help spread this vision across Malawi.

So far, the Palmful of Maize vision has been rolled out in 12 of 28 districts in the country. Pray with us for God to supply resources to spread it to the 16 remaining districts and take this vision to the neighboring African countries. It’s possible, but we must work together. Give and encourage others to join you.

4. Share the video – Spread this generosity message to inspire your social networks.

Palmful of Maize is vision bigger than GTP and Malawi. It’s a global movement of people learning to give God what they have. When we do, we experience mindset change, increased generosity, and church growth. We turn dependency into discipleship as the poor get care not from outsiders but from their neighbors. Click the icons below to share the video on social media with the hashtags #PalmfulOfMaize #POM #GiveGodWhatYouHave.