Builders of Trust

"Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings." Isaiah 58:12

Global Trust Partners empowers national church and ministry workers to build trust and to grow local generous giving to God’s work.

In places where trust is broken because of systemic corruption or where people lack education or experience in church or ministry administration, it’s hard to rally participation in God’s work.

Skilled servants don’t need a hand-out. They need a hand-up! GTP partners with God's servants to turn dependency into discipleship.

Our stewardship and peer accountability efforts are helping to build trust and to grow local generous giving for God’s work in many nations.

Our Purpose

In obedient service to Jesus Christ, GTP multiplies faithful stewards and mobilizes peer accountability groups to build trust and to grow local generous giving to God’s work.

Our Mission

Empowering national workers and building trust in churches and ministries to grow local generous giving to God’s work.

Our Vision

Faithful stewardship and peer accountability increasing local support for God’s work in every nation.

Our Priorities

Prayer, Fasting, and Confession

Our Values

Christian commitment
We attend to our relationship with Jesus Christ by practicing inward (meditation, prayer, fasting, study), outward (simplicity, solitude, submission, service), and corporate (confession, worship, guidance, celebration) disciplines. Our care for our own soul will position us to care for others.
Humble service
We hold a posture of humble service in personal interaction and through correspondence by seeking to understand the needs of others and ministering to them to the best of our ability while doing everything in love.
We collaborate with others using the gifts and goods that God has entrusted to each one of us. We partner with like-minded churches, organizations, and networks that resonate with our stated purpose and values.
We help others in a manner that builds them up and positions them to help others. We do this through training, coaching, ongoing conversations, and prayer, realizing that our work aims to multiply faithful stewards. We also seek to resource those we serve.
Accountability standards
We uphold standards of responsible stewardship in our administration and urge others all over the world to join in this work. We do this because we believe when we are faithful to follow God’s design, we position God’s workers to be fruitful and to endure suffering with peace and joy.
We strive to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry in face-to-face interaction, while also exhibiting grace and patience in correspondence, and uphold confidentiality, when needed, to maintain trust between persons.
Global diversity
We honor others above ourselves with unselfish awareness. We treat everyone with fairness regardless of age, race, ethnicity, color, nationality, gender, and status. We show mutual respect to one another within the organization and the global network we serve because each person has been made in the image of God and has equal value.
Biblical teaching
We demonstrate through our study and our behavior that we believe that God’s Word is the final authority on all matters of faith and practice. We teach it regularly to receptive groups as it transforms our lives and shapes the lives of all we serve.
We preserve God’s honor by aiming to live beyond reproach both personally and professionally. We have accountability partners within the organization and agree to maintain appropriate boundaries with others so that we do not manipulate or abuse any relationship through our words or actions.
Sustained interdependence
We give a hand-up to the nations by strengthening disciples who trust in God. We teach them that obedience is the path to sustainability. This means we do not give hand-outs that create dependency on human support.


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