"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze."

Isaiah 43:2

March 27, 2023

From Serving at a Radio Station to Spreading Generosity: GTP and Radio Umucyo

February 17, 2023

From Troubled to Thrilled: UPH and GTP

January 11, 2023

From Arranging Chairs to Assisting Christian Workers: 4D Ministries and GTP

December 8, 2022

From Searching for Help to Serving as a Helper: Hong Kong, Vancouver, and GTP

September 25, 2022

From Breaking Down to Building Up: KISC and GTP

August 24, 2022

From Burnt Out to Beginning Afresh: ODJ, Bagong Simula, and GTP

April 22, 2022

From Disconnected to Determined: Churches, Denominations, and Ministries in Belize and GTP

February 9, 2022

From Lockdown to Launch: ICCSA and GTP

January 11, 2022

From Crisis to Change: PAAM and GTP

December 8, 2021

From Lacking Biblical Teaching on Stewardship to Cultivating a Culture of Generosity: Kyiv Theological Seminary, Mission Eurasia, and GTP

November 10, 2021

From Receiving Instruction to Replicating Impact: FOCIG, CCTA, and GTP

October 24, 2021

From Brokenness to Blessing: JOE, TC Alexandria, and GTP

September 13, 2021

From Missionary to Multiplier: SIM Latin America, Impacto Mundial, and GTP

July 27, 2021

From Available to Appointed: SIM and GTP

June 28, 2021

From Uncertainty to Unity: Youth For Christ USA and GTP

May 27, 2021

From Fog to Clarity: Coaching, eMi, and GTP

March 31, 2021

From Working Alone to Serving Together: GenerousChurch, NABLA Initiative, and GTP

January 28, 2021

From Lacking Biblical Teaching to Learning about Generosity: Iglesia Evangélica Peruana Santiago, Wycliffe Global Alliance, and GTP

December 17, 2020

From Emerging as a Trainer to Empowering Pioneers: Christianityworks, AfFEP, and GTP

November 18, 2020

From Preparing to Step Back to Planning the Way Forward: Karura Community Chapel, AfCAA, and GTP

September 12, 2020

From Challenged to Cultivating a Culture of Giving: SECT, NABLA, Generous Church, and GTP

August 12, 2020

From Lifting our Standards to Benefiting from Accreditation: FEBC Australia and CMASC

June 24, 2020

From Participant to Presenter: Spreading Teaching to Multiply Faithful Stewards in Bolivia

May 25, 2020

From Panic about the Pandemic to Prayer and Provision: The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, CIM, and GTP

May 13, 2020

From Worrying about Tomorrow to Acting with Courage Today: Anita Methodist School, CIM, and GTP

May 12, 2020

From Crisis of Values to Hope for the Transformation of El Salvador: TRES, WGA, and GTP

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