"Not that we lord it over your faith,
but we work with you for your joy, because it is by faith you stand firm."

2 Corinthians 1:24

We collaborate with regional facilitators to serve national workers. This helps us navigate language and cultural differences so we can strengthen stewards for faithful administration. We also help them set up or grow local peer accountability groups.

What is “peer accountability”?

It’s when ministries hold each other accountable to follow standards of responsible stewardship – the ECFA standards, for example – and verify compliance to grow trust. Out of ten existing peer accountability groups (PAG, aka "Trust Partners"), we have helped set up seven of them (Australia, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Philippines, and South Korea) and counting.

We urge national workers in every nation to join the peer accountability group that has been formed to serve churches and ministries in their country. If such a group does not exist where they work, we stand ready to help them set up a peer accountability group following these steps:

  1. Pray for workers.
  2. Have a conversation with trusted pastors, ministry administrators, accountants, lawyers, and other professionals ("coalition of the willing").
  3. Read the Lausanne standards and standards from other peer accountability groups.
  4. Talk about needs of the context.
  5. Build a coalition of founding members.
  6. Draft standards and a compliance checklist.
  7. Appoint credentialed volunteers to serve on accreditation teams.
  8. Accredit organizations and affix a seal.
  9. Urge others to join.
  10. Apply for $10,000 matching grant from GTP to build capacity.

The Fellowship of Trust Partners

Click on the logos of the different peer accountability groups to visit their websites, to read their standards, and to find accredited organizations to support with confidence in the respective countries.

Want to know more?

Contact us to engage our help with setting up a peer accountability group in your country.