GTP Giver Privacy Policy

This Giver Privacy Policy provides information about how Global Trust Partners handles personally identifiable information related to gifts.


Selling or Sharing Your Personal Information

Global Trust Partners does not sell or share your information to anyone, ever.


Sharing Personal Information Outside Global Trust Partners

We may ask to share your personal information with third-parties, such as:

  1. Processing of gifts/receipts and marketing new fundraising opportunities to you;
  2. Offering experiences, such as events, trips, and opportunities to engage you;
  3. Coordinating support services and emergency services for you during trips;
  4. Storing your information in a secure cloud-based third-party hosting site
  5. Responding to a legal or regulatory request for information, but only if we believe the request is valid and a response from us is required.
  6. Between Global Trust Partners parent companies, subsidiary companies, and affiliates under common control and ownership of Global Trust Partners, which help us fulfill our mission and purpose.
  7. If we aggregate, de-identify, or 'tokenize' information which cannot reasonably be used to identify you personally, but which can help us be better at raising funds for our mission and purpose.


Not Sharing Your Personal Information Outside Global Trust Partners

  1. We do not make our giver lists available to other companies to offer you products and services.
  2. We do not post your personal information when you provide us with testimonials of the effectiveness of our programs and efforts.
  3. We do not share your personal information for any reason other than as described in Sections 1-7 above.


Collecting Your Personal Information

If you don’t voluntarily provide us personal information, we do not collect it. If you provide us your personal information and are over age 13, we assume you want to share in our mission and purpose. We will contact you about opportunities to partner with us in our efforts, notify you of events, etc.


Giver Options Regarding Your Information

If you are a giver who wishes to remain anonymous, or doesn’t want to be contacted, please tell us and we will honor your request. If you would like to review, edit, or update your information, contact us at


Givers Bill of Rights

Because Global Trust Partners cares deeply about its givers like the organization who launched us, ECFA, this Givers Bill of Rights is based on the ECFA Donor Bill of Rights. When you give, be sure your selected charity employs standards and policies that assure you of a "bill of rights" as a donor.

You have the right to:

  1. Know how the funds of an organization are being spent.
  2. Know what the programs you support are accomplishing.
  3. Know that the organization complies with federal, state, and municipal laws.
  4. Know that your gift restrictions or designations are being honored by the organization.
  5. A timely and courteous response to your inquiries about finances and programs.
  6. Visit office and program sites of an organization to talk personally with the staff.
  7. Give cheerfully without being pressured by the organization.
  8. Obtain a copy of the organization’s most recent audited financial statements.
  9. Know that there is a responsible governing board providing oversight to the organization’s mission.
  10. Know that all appeals for funds are truthful and accurate.


Last updated: December 2019