"For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light."

Psalm 36:9

We train "Journey of Empowerment" (JOE) trainers to facilitate retreats that inspire people to influence change following God’s design. Trainers are equipped with materials in their language for replicating the experience in the settings in which they live and serve.

What is "Journey of Empowerment"?

It’s a spiritual and strategic experience for God’s workers in settings where corruption has dominated cultural patterns. Participants discover that the pathway to transforming their context starts with understanding their identity and applying secrets for shaping their community. They also learn the counterintuitive and distinctly biblical practices for serving as an agent of change: confession, fasting, and prayer. We can do a JOE taster in one hour or the full experience over one full day or parts of two days.

Facilitators use a mix of Scripture, stories, and activities to help participants journey along a spiritual pathway together in a way that positions them to bring about systemic change: They also learn strategic steps linked to administration and accountability for catalyzing transformation where God has placed them.

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