"Stay in this land for a while, and I will be with you and will bless you." Genesis 26:3a

Responsive trainings aim to “respond” to the needs of national workers. That means they generally start with a conversation. This leads to developing a training that uniquely matches the needs of the context.

Most of the time we deliver responsive trainings in person, but we have pivoted online to expand our reach. Here are some examples of responsive trainings.

  • Governance – We hosted a training seminar in Jordan on biblical governance and provided ten templates for growing fruitful boards.
  • Fundraising – We led a retreat for ministry workers in Egypt on growing local giving, and participants left with a practical plan to implement.
  • Administration – We facilitated an online forum and gave practical tips for ministry CEOs in India to flourish during and after the pandemic.

If this sounds like what your context needs, contact us through the form below and give us some information. Tell us where you live and serve and your role and the current challenge you face.

Sometimes we may direct you to a resource. Other times we may set up an on-site or online training. All the time we want to take a posture of service to help you build trust and grow local giving to God’s work.

Want a GTP responsive training in your context?

Contact us below to start the conversation. As the demand for online and on-site trainings have exceeded our expectations, we will work with your regional facilitator to discern the best way to help you.