Inspiring Stewards is GTP's monthly podcast where we talk to ordinary stewards through whom God is doing extraordinary things.

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  • Barbara Shantz – Matching givers and receivers in partnership
    In the nineteenth episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Barbara Shantz from Canada. Barbara shares how her family background and her experience living in four countries have shaped her understanding of how it was like to live in both giving and receiving nations. She reports that her greatest joy in ministry comes from working in partnerships, when we give, receive, and include other believers. She talks about her passion for matching people with similar visions in healthy partnerships. She concludes by encouraging us to take ourselves less seriously and God much more seriously, and to truly enjoy the life He has given us.
  • Philip Chang – Living and working with integrity and excellence
    In the eighteenth episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Philip Chang from Malaysia. Philip talks about growing up in a multicultural, multilingual, and multi-religious society and how he came to Jesus. He shares his extensive corporate background and how he got involved in various cross-cultural ministries, testifying that God is at work in the world. He concludes by reminding us to be salt and light and to live a balanced Christian life carrying the Four Great Cs: the Great Commission, the Great Commandment, the Great Commendation, and the Great Collaboration.
  • Esther Zuluaga – Serving indigenous communities and displaced peoples
    In the seventeenth episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Esther Zuluaga Gimenez from Colombia. She shares how God has placed in her heart a love for ethnic groups, which led her to serving different indigenous communities and the unreached Pashtun people of Afghanistan. She recounts how GTP’s webinars, trainings, and the Palmful of Maize video have strengthened and empowered her service. She concludes by reminding us that God is the one who brings about change in all aspects of our lives and that our role is to commit ourselves to prayer, the most powerful weapon God has given us.
  • Jim Young – Shepherding people to steward their gifts and passions
    In the sixteenth episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Jim Young from New Zealand. Jim discusses his Christian journey from shepherding sheep to shepherding people, and how God has used him in various areas, particularly in Malawi, Africa, where he spent 17 years doing missionary work with Sunday school teachers and children. As a co-founder of STUM (Sunday School Teachers’ United Movement), he encourages us to help people steward their spiritual gifts and passion. Jim concludes by reminding us to fix our eyes on Jesus and find a balance between being realistic and optimistic as we keep on doing God’s work.
  • John Msowoya – Changing mindsets from receiving to giving
    In the fifteenth episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with John Msowoya from Malawi. John talks about his childhood and how it led him to focus on ministry with children. He shares how God has called him to co-found STUM (Sunday School Teachers United Movement), which spreads a vision known widely as Palmful of Maize (POM) that teaches the children in Malawi to have a mindset change, to shift from receiving to giving God what they have. He celebrates the collaboration between STUM, GTP, and GenerousChurch, who together aim to take POM to the rest of Malawi, throughout Africa, and to the whole world. He concludes with a challenge for everyone to grow children who serve God and bless their church and community.
  • Veronica Colondam – Stewarding what God has given for the next generation
    In the fourteenth episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Veronica Colondam of Indonesia. She speaks about her own faith journey and how her family reflects the beautiful mosaic that is the body of Christ. She talks about why she started YCAB, a foundation that shows God’s love by serving the poor of Indonesia through economic empowerment and educating young people. She celebrates how the gospel has spread online in the pandemic and urges us to be the salt and light of the world by stewarding all we have for the next generation for the glory of God.
  • Carlos Gomez – Joining God as He is transforming the world
    In the thirteenth episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Carlos Gomez from Panama. He shares about how he came to know Christ in his teenage years and how he eventually got into missions, first as a missionary, then as the head of a mission sending agency. He talks about how God uses both difficult situations in our personal lives and crises in societies to invite us to see how can we continue doing His work from a different perspective. He concludes by reminding us to be still, listen to God, and join Him in His mission of transforming the world in powerful ways.
  • Gary Williams – Helping Christian organizations steward God’s reputation
    In the twelfth episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Gary Williams from Australia. He talks about growing up with a rich Christian heritage and simply trying to use the gifts God had given him. From there, he shares how he and like-minded stewards formed CMA 20 years ago for the purpose of helping Christian organizations remove the obstacles that tend to limit ministry effectiveness. With that lens, he urges listeners to steward the opportunities God gives to us and to steward God's reputation. He concludes by challenging us to be “all in” with our Christian faith.
  • Dan Busby – Planting the seeds for the international accountability movement
    In the eleventh episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Dan Busby from the USA. He shares how he came to a personal faith in Christ and how he committed his life to serving Christian workers following the example of humble service set by his parents. After decades of service with as a volunteer, staff member, and president of ECFA, he recounts the growth of the ministry accountability movement in the USA and reports that planting the seeds that would grow into the international accountability movement led by GTP ranks among the most important contributions of his career. He concludes by encouraging everyone to support this movement.
  • Michael Cherenkov – Telling God’s story in challenging times
    In this tenth and final episode of the first season of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Michael Cherenkov from the Ukraine. He talks about how special it is to grow up as a Christian during Soviet times and how that has shaped him into the “storyteller for Jesus” he is today. He shares about his heart for Christian mission, which led him to now serve as pastor to a multicultural church in Washington State, USA. Finally, he encourages the church at large to be resilient, strong, compassionate, and faithful – not just successful – agents of change during these challenging times.
  • Adam Walach – Investing in God’s Kingdom
    In this episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Adam Walach from the Czech Republic. He talks about how serving God as a Christian businessman led him to pursue a calling as a Kingdom investor. He shares about how he set up the European Great Commission Collaboration (EGCC) with his brothers to engage others in giving to God’s work. He concludes by emphasizing the crucial role Christian givers and business people play in Europe and the world during this important moment in history.
  • Anne Zaki – Living more openly with an open hand
    In this episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Anne Zaki from Egypt. Drawing from her theological education background and ministry experience, she explains how to nurture resilience and creativity. She talks about how, as stewards, our focus shifts completely from what is needed from us to be a Christ follower to what is needed for us to be a Christ follower. She concludes by reminding us that God gives freely and therefore we can live and give freely, as well.
  • Valentine Gitoho – Engaging Christians in fulfilling their God-given vision and mission
    In this episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Valentine Gitoho from Kenya. She shares how she came to faith and why she serves in the accountability and governance space, which led to her co-founding AfCAA. She explains that stewardship is not just about stewarding finances but also linked to the vision and mission that God has for each of us. She concludes with a reminder to trust in God and rely on His Word as He is always there for us.
  • Kehinde Ojo – Living with relevance and purpose
    In this episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones speaks with Kehinde Ojo from Nigeria. He talks about his journey from discipling university students to training staff workers to developing stewards with IFES around the world. He helps us see how our ability to steward God's resources in our care is a function of our relationship with Him. Finally, he concludes with keen insights for those who desire to live with relevance and purpose, especially in the COVID era.
  • Rob Martin – Practicing stewardship and sustained interdependence
    In this episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones talks to Rob Martin from the USA. He shares his unlikely story of being involved in fundraising for Christian mission. He talks about how stewardship is tightly intertwined with discipleship. Finally, he encourages us to practice sustained interdependence and to enter a “communion of giving and receiving.”
  • Manju George – Discovering the key to a relationship with God
    In this episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones talks to Manju George from India. She talks about how seeing Christ as her Redeemer brought meaning and direction in her life. As a chartered accountant, she shares how her work and calling brings financial integrity and excellence to the lives of the individuals and institutions with whom she interacts. Finally, she encourages us to clarify our relationship with money and God so that we can be generous stewards.
  • Gladys Güitz – Finding God’s treasures in the garbage dump
    In this episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones talks to Gladys Güitz from Guatemala. She talks about moving from being merely religious to truly living a life that seeks to glorify God. This led her to co-founding Potter's House Association, which ministers to the poor in Guatemala City. She reminds us to remember our identity in Christ and to follow God’s timing and pace for our lives.
  • Roger Lam – Serving God instead of Mammon
    In this episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones talks to Roger Lam from Hong Kong. He urges people around the world to serve God instead of serving Mammon. He talks about increasing our ability to give more freely, especially in a society where the rich have been becoming richer and the poor have been becoming poorer. Instead, he directs us to enrich ourselves towards God and honor God in our living and giving.
  • Zenet Maramara – Growing givers who are generous towards God
    In this first episode of Inspiring Stewards, Nathan Jones welcomes Zenet Maramara from the Philippines. She speaks about the spiritual journey of understanding her role as a steward doing God’s work. She also tells us of the strategic work she did to raise local giving and cease dependence on outside funding. She shows us that sustainability is something anyone around the world can achieve and how GTP can help organizations in this area.