September 25, 2020

Seven Principles for Helping People Build Thriving Ministries

God works in unpredictable ways to supply our needs, and we often play a part in it by inviting people to participate. Here are seven principles that might help you in this challenging work.
September 14, 2020

Crisis Stewardship and Giving: Six Practical Generosity Insights

During this challenging season, everyone is saying, “What do we do?” The situation forces us to ask deeper, harder questions. This article features six of them related to stewardship and giving.
September 4, 2020

Biblical Insights on CEO Succession to Guide Christian Organizations

Though the world of the Bible differed greatly from present times, we do find examples of succession that can inform CEO transitions today. Numbers 27:15-23 offers three keen insights.
August 25, 2020

Why Grow Local Financial Support

What if our work is to build local teams everywhere who can motivate joyful generosity to God's work because they understand the language, economy, political climate, and cultural demographics?
August 14, 2020

Global Trust Partners Accredited by National Financial Accountability Organization

Good news! On 31 July 2020, GTP was accredited by ECFA. Participate with us in God's work with confidence.
June 25, 2020

The Birthing of the Indonesian Council for Christian Stewardship and Accountability

The GTP-facilitated meetings in February 2020 inspired a task force to catalyze the peer accountability group for Indonesia.
May 6, 2020

3 Biblical Principles to Guide CEOs

As CEO of Global Trust Partners, I dug into God’s Word for wisdom to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Three texts came into view. They are practical and applicable for CEOs worldwide.
April 17, 2020

How is biblical teaching on governance transforming our board practices?

Boards are important as they approve the purpose of the organization and hold leadership accountable to pursue it. But who holds boards accountable?
April 1, 2020

Counterintuitive Advice For Ministry Fundraisers During The COVID-19 Crisis

As none of us have lived through a pandemic, these are hard times. What do we do? Here are three points for ministry fundraisers around the world.
March 11, 2020

3 Benefits of Accreditation

Steve Kerr, GTP Regional Facilitator for the South Pacific and Executive Director of CMA Standards Council, talks about 3 ways accreditation can benefit an organization: 1) to the organization itself, 2) to its stakeholders, and 3) to honor God.
March 9, 2020

Indonesia Field Report

After corresponding, interacting, and praying with key people for more than two years, the GTP team comprised of Gary Hoag, Ruthie Cristobal, and Anjji Gabriel finally set foot in Jakarta, Indonesia for historic meetings on 19-20 February 2020.
March 7, 2020

How can busy people increase ministry fruitfulness without adding a single minute to their schedule?

You don’t ever seem to have enough time. So how do you increase ministry fruitfulness when you are already too busy as it is?
January 27, 2020

South Asia Field Report

I’d like to report five encouraging developments in January 2020 linked to building faithful stewards and advancing peer accountability in India. Each one reflects ongoing collaboration between GTP and local organizations.
January 20, 2020

How is God using ordinary people to turn the tide of corruption?

A simple infection needs a simple treatment. In other words, the treatment has to happen at the initial stage. Let me provide a three-step principle.
December 23, 2019

Middle East / North Africa (MENA) Field Report

We want to report three great developments for churches and ministries in MENA. They are dreams come true for us. We are pleased to share these fruits with you.